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iTeller is the new face of finance. With our innovative and exciting features, users can enjoy financial independence and experience the perks of a disrupted traditional banking system.



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About Us

iTeller Pty Ltd is a company established by a group of entrepreneurs and financial experts to transform the entire economic landscape. Furthermore, we are putting the best of our efforts into making cryptocurrency easily accessible to the masses. We continue developing our products to provide our users with a myriad of options to easily remit money to their loved ones living in another country without paying exorbitant fees.

What is iTeller?

iTeller is the epitome of financial independence. It aims to revolutionize both the banking and financial industry to let its users enjoy the perks of financial freedom.

A New Era of Finance

The iTeller app plays a crucial role in our financial ecosystem. It will transform the way people perceive and use the conventional banking system.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency with a iTeller ATM

Why Purchase iTeller from an iTeller ATM?

We have a plethora of beneficial yet exciting features.


Our iTeller ATMs let you buy and sell iTeller tokens with cash. Not to mention, all you need is your phone number.


iTeller ATMs are easier to use compared to traditional bank ATMs. Our machines are innovative yet simple that even the non-tech-savvy will have no problem using it.


No matter where you are in the world, you have access to an iTeller ATM. With over 100 locations, we have ATMs in Australia, London, and Dubai.

Fast Transactions

Don’t let slow online exchanges hold you back from completing your transactions. Our iTeller ATM will process your request in minutes — not days.


Our iTeller ATMs never keep a copy of your private keys. After you make a purchase, we delete your data, so your assets are yours alone.

Wider Choice

iTeller kiosks cater to more cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. We also provide Litecoin ATMs, Ether ATMs, and more!

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